What does success look like in the arts?

Category : blogging · by Mar 14th, 2020

Curator Anabel Roque Rodriquez interviewed me as part of her series on success in the arts with a focus on political art, art as labor, feminism, and the art market.

The interview starts by asking about the role of fame in the arts…

Fame is a currency in the arts. Art workers can trade it to get stuff and others speculate upon it. This probably applies in other sectors that depend on the reputation in an attention economy. The drive for fame in the arts promotes a culture of competitive individualism, the myth of genius, and is a denial of the deep interdependence of a healthy cultural ecosystem. It does however make an excellent topic for critical play. By working with attention, fame, influence and speculation as a medium, artists like Amalia Ulman, Jeremy Bailey and Jonas Lund make visible the contortions that we must all (not just art workers) undergo in social media and crypto platforms – in order to participate and survive in daily life…

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