Beyond the Blokechain: The Cryptofeminist Agenda panel discussion

Category : Uncategorized · by Jan 6th, 2020

THIS VIDEO from MoneyLab#7 features four cultural critiques of the blockchain space, from a feminist economics perspective: Andy Morales Coto, Denise Thwaites, and Ailie Rutherford (and I), moderated by Rachel Falconer

Andy Morales Coto explores how blockchain cultures use and abuse ecological metaphores. Denise Thwaites offers a feminist analysis of DAO cultures and the emergent affective economies they instate. And Ailie Rutherford talks about her work with feminist economics at The People’s Bank of Govanhill. I talk about DAOWO and DisCOs and explored the spaces of convergence between the Commons and P2P movements along with the world of cooperatives and the Social and Solidarity Economy.