Play the Web We Want – 4 new games!

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More than 150 people made drawings to generate a collective vision for a better networked society

View images of people drawing and playing games here

Before the Web We Want Festival
, 29-30th November at London’s Southbank Centre, we set the scene with 2 taster games. (It works best in Chrome- turn up the volume and click on the play button on the LH side).

» Play Decentralise the Things Your mission is to live a rich life – explore, meet, create and exchange life-giving things (images, delicious local vegetables) with others. At the same time you must maintain your privacy by attending a cryptoparty… and watch out for those terms and conditions!

» Play Data-body Building
Collect as many good experiences as you can – but be careful; the world is watching. Cookies and CCTV cameras will make your data-body bigger.

The extraordinary drawings of avatars, obstacles and rewards, by participants in the 2 day game jam have inspired two new game levels, made within the free open source game-building game Play Your Place.

» Play If You Go Down to the Web – Find tools that help you to keep things private when you want them to be – then join the private party in the forest.

» Play Bubbles – Make it through the distracted commuters! They’re checking their email, replying to texts, planning routes, watching movies, refreshing Twitter… but you can dodge ’em all, right?

Anyone can now go online at home, school and work,
to create, remix and share games about the future of the web using their own and others’ drawings. Or they can make their own games from scratch

More about Play Your Place – Play the Web We Want

Ruth talks more about the ideas behind the project on the » Southbank Centre blog

Play the Web We Want is a Furtherfield project, commissioned by Southbank Centre, based on an open game artwork by Ruth Catlow and Dr Mary Flanagan in which social drawing activities form the basis of computer platform games about people’s aspirations for particular places in the world.

Thanks and respect to all those visitors who contributed their drawings and to James Cowdery and Tammy Daly at Southbank Centre.

Artistic Direction by Ruth Catlow of Furtherfield. Game Design by Holly Gramazio. Drawings for Decentralize the Things, and Data-body Building by Dave Miller. Sounds by Stuart Bowditch. Music by MilkPlus. Play Your Place game-building software created with Soda. Furtherfield crew: Sara Mesquita, Claire Nyquist, Sophie Rogers, Markus Soukup & Ronan Tuite.


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