Situating the Digital Commons. A conversation between Ruth Catlow and Tim Waterman

Category : blogging · by Oct 29th, 2015

July 2014 Tim Waterman leading the guided walk ‘Death Collapsing into Life’ a utopian journey on the Parkland Walk for Furtherfield

The negotiation of the commons takes place in two distinct realms that are increasingly reaching into and shaping one another: the long history of the landscape commons both in cities and in the countryside, and across digital networks. In both realms we find the continued project of the enclosures, appropriating forms of collectively-created use value and converting it, wherever possible, into exchange value.

Here I talk with Tim Waterman, a landscape architectural and urban theorist and critic at the University of Greenwich and Research Associate for Landscape and Commons at Furtherfield. We discuss discuss the ‘Reading the Commons’ project together with Furtherfield’s work on understanding the commons.

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