Time Is Speeding Up

Category : blogging · by Jan 31st, 2016

I’m just back from Scunthorpe, where I have been installing/performing a new networked video piece at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre as part of a wonderful exhibition curated by Michael Szpakowski called ‘We are Not Alone’. The show is about how the Internet changes our relationship to each other as artists (in the most expanded sense of the word).

My work is called Time Is Speeding up (you can read about it, and the exhibition here) and it started out as a meditation on how it feels, as I get older, that time is speeding up.

However as I have watched people interact with the work, I have found myself thinking more and more about the relationship between, clock-time (locked into the Gregorian calendar) and machines, technology and accelerationism.

The work is an instrument through which I can experience, explore and test my hypothesis with others.

There are many types, experiences and measures of time: mythic, historical, biological. But we are most commonly disciplined to live our lives by the pulse of the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years decades- constructs attached loosely the rotation of the planet on its axis, the moon around the earth and the earth around the sun, our need for sleep and circadian rhythms. And clock time translates all of these cycles into a linear, additive, medium- hurtling towards death. Connected with this kind of time is financial time, data time etc etc.

So I’ve enjoyed seeing how visitors disrupt this cold time with jokes, performance, goofiness, sentiment, advice, prediction, messages, and play. And look forward to seeing how it feels to witness them folded into geological time as the 3 minute video becomes denser and denser before the exhibition closes in April.