Blog: Art and the Blockchain

Category : blogging · by Apr 22nd, 2016

I recently participated in the Blockchain Beyond Fintech event at the Digital Catapult in London.

I was invited to give a “firestarter” talk in the middle of the day, to introduce a different perspective on the potentials for the blockchain.

I also wrote a blog for the event about how artists are using blockchain technologies and why it is important.

“As the underpinning technology for Bitcoin, the blockchain is widely heralded as the new internet. Alex Puig, CEO of the Digital Currency Summit, calls it the “Internet of Value”.

The blockchain is a decentralised infrastructure for automating, monitoring and verifying transactions, and this promises to facilitate the monetisation and marketisation of all things networked. It is no surprise then that the sponsor of the most recent Ethereum London Meetup was speaking to the room when he said, “We can make finance great again!”

While the technical protocol is now well described, conversations about blockchain’s transformative potential beyond FinTech are yet to attract the same level of debate and development within other sectors – let alone connect with a wider public. This is a problem because technologies develop to reflect the interests of those who develop them. Artists can help here.”
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